Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I won a giveaway

As you know from the title i won a giveaway!!! This giveaway was held by The DIY Lady for Cheeky goodies. If you haven't already checked her blog, do so as it is a great blog. I was really excited to win because I'm not really lucky and have never won anything. Plus Cheeky isn't available in Australia, well they won't available but when I checked today they said the would ship to Australia, weird ha. Anyways let's get on with what I won.
This is everything i won. So there was a fair bit of things. Just looking you can get a rough idea of what I received.

Here are the image plates from cheeky. Some of them were doubles, about three but ill probably give them to my friend. My friend always sees my nails and asks me to do her nails like that so a few days ago i purchased a Konad set and gave it to her for her birthday.

Here you can see a huge image plate. Each image has four images, two big and two small which a mirrored.

These are toe nail polish foils/stickers. I received three and they were all the same design which you can see

A stamper with two image plates. These were in this plastic already but two of the exactly same ones were in the one above but in a circle shape
Three different rhinestone wheels. I never use rhinestones cause i think they are too big but these are the perfect size so I'm going to give them a try
These are nail foils. They are each different designs so can't wait to try them. I hope you enjoyed this post. Before i end this post i wanted to mention that ill be going for a trip so i won't be posting. I am sorry but that's how things are Cya

Friday, 5 October 2012

Nail Polish Giveaway (Closed)

Giveaway Time!!!!!! I'm so excited and I hope you are too. Before I start I wanted to mention this giveaway isn't big but ill probably have another giveaway soon to make up for such a small giveaway. I just wanted to mention that I have been making polish lately from scratch and decided to have these up for giveaway. They don't have a label but ill put one on it as soon as I send it out. I have made three if each polish below and will be giving away two set. One set ill be keeping and hopefully swatching soon but the other two sets is for the giveaway.

Things you should know
There is 2 winners
Each winner wins 3 polishes each(pictured below)
Giveaway is international
Ends 26 october 2012(Australian time)

Steps ( the more steps you follow the more entries you get)
Leave a comment below with your name and email address - 1 entry
Leave a comment somewhere on my blog- 2 entries
Be a follower- 4 entries
Post this giveaway on your blog, leave link below- 3 entries
Comment below mentioning which out of the three polishes is your favourite- 2 entries

Just a notice. A few people have been joining my blog to enter the giveaway then leaving after they haven't won. These people are not allowed to enter this giveaway and their names have been marked

Thank you for everyone entering
The two winners are Rica Aston and Miranda McCartney.
I have sent a email to both winners and hope that they can respond

This is called Nail Drama Jelly Moonlight. Jelly Moonlight is a blue jelly base polish with multi size glitters and Purple Hearts. I was really pleased with this and really wanted people to try it. 
Here is a picture of what each winner will receive

Nail Drama Galaxy 101 is a shimmery purple base polish with copper/pinkish small and hex glitters.    I know it looks like the glitter is all at the bottom but that's just the glitter stuck to the bottle. It actually has even distributed glitter. All three polishes have stainless steel balls in the bottle to allow easy mixing and even distribution. 
Nail Drama Be My Princess is a perfect ballerina pink with two size silver glitters. The two sizes are fine silver glitter and slightly bigger silver glitter. The bigger glitters are the ones that are noticeable in the picture

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

September nail polish haul

Hey guys, how are you? I have to apologise for not posting in over two weeks. My days have been so busy and packed that 1 minute of sitting down was not possible. Today I had a little time available and so I knew I had to post. Now september finished a few days ago but I wanted to show you my september haul. Before I get started, I just wanted to inform you all that I'm having another giveaway as a thank you to my 300 subscribers. I'll post the giveaway some day this week so stay tuned.

Finally lets get started. This is all the polish i purchased in september. I tried not spending to much but hey what can you do. You will notice that polish innisfree 82 has fancy sticky tape around it. That is because when I received it in the mail it was broken. I mailed the seller and they are going to send me another polish since they don't have that in stock. It's a little disappointing since I wanted that one but I can always empty it into another bottle.
Chi Chi- My Bad
Sportsgirl- Olive
Rimmel London- Matte Finish Mattifying topcoat
Rimmel London- Disco Ball
Savvy- Flaming Blue
XOX- 144
Savvy- Purple Viking
√Čtude house- Prom Queen
√Čtude house- Pajama Party
Innisfree- 82
Innisfree- 85
Innisfree- 84
Innisfree- 81