Friday, 31 August 2012

Essence- Where is the Party?

Today I have a swatch for Essence Where is the Party?. Where is the Party is a purple douchrome with green. The polish is mostly purple but at some angles it looks or shows a hint of green. It is a amazing polish and looks much better in person then in pictures. This is possibly my biggest swatch post with so many photos. This many photos was important to show and capture the duo chrome effect.
Although you can see streaks on your nail, it didn't really bother me. I was liking the colour a lot that this kind of thing just doesn't bother me with this polish
As you can see. It's a solid purple with no green in the picture above.
Here It tries to capture the green. The purple has mostly disappeared and my nail is green. In person the green is more green looking and not so off like the picture. Let me warn you that it was incredibly hard to capture this polishes true colour.
Here you can see purple in the middle and green around the sides. It's really gorgeous and I recommend everyone to get this polish. 
It depends on the angle you look at the polish to see either purple or green or even maybe both. It also depends on the lighting. It's best to try for yourself and be amazed.
Essence polishes come in a small 5ml bottle and is available in Australia for $2.55. Collection or trend polishes are usually $3.50
I think this picture captured the effect better then some of my other photos. 

Hope you enjoy

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Designer Nails

Hey guys. Today I have designer nails for you. All your favourite brands are on my nails except Prada.... Oh and Armani. I few posts ago I said that I ordered a few things off eBay, well they are arriving. Today this arrived so I had to use it and I'm so pleased with how it turned out. When all my stuff arrives I will post pictures of everything I bought so that if you like, you can also buy. 

Things I used:
Essence- Where is the Party?
Image plate KD12
Konad special polish- white
BYS- Top coat
Jordana- Quick Shine Top Coat
I stamped a different logo or brand on each nail using my new image plate. For some weird reason my index finger tip looks like it has no polish but it's actually the lighting and my nail tip does have polish. The Chanel logo came out bad but that was my fault and not the image plate. Very happy how this turned out
Gucci was the only big stamp and that could only fit on my thumb but I'm totally cool with that. I really with the image plate had Prada and Armani bu sadly they don't. There is two versions of this image plate. An old one and a new one. The old one doesn't have Dolce & Gabbana and has another brand, some other picture is also different. The old ones are hardly available so your most likely to find the new image plate which is what I have

What do you think?
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Born Pretty Store Water Decals

Today I have a review of Water Decals from the Born Pretty Store. These are used to decorate your nail just like nail art stickers. They come in a set of 11 small sheets as seen below for the cheap price of $4.73. Each sheet has roughly 20 decals each, which means you can use one sheet to do four hands or two full manicures.

How to use:
1. Peel of protective clear film
2. Dip water decal into water for 10-20 seconds
3. Stick nail decal onto nail
4. Dab dry with paper towel
5. Secure water decal with top coat

What I loved about this was the fact when the decal is wet you can move it around until you find the right spot. Once you find the right spot, dab dry with paper towel to stop decal from moving.
Here you can see some of the water decals. The Born Pretty Store has many different sets of water decals so head over and pick the set that you like. As you can see in the picture above they are set in order of thumb to pinky. This can be seen in the hello kitty and snow white decals above. Starting from largest to smallest (thumb to pinky)
The polish here is Country Club Khaki by Orly with water decals from this set. I actually really like water decals after using them. You can say I like them more than nail art stickers since you have the flexibility to move them around. There is no difficulty with using these so that was good. The only thing that was a bit of a problem was removing the water decals from backing film once wet but that wasn't a huge problem and you will get used to it once you get the hang of it.
I've had this on my nails for a few days with top coat and it has stayed on and looks the exact same as day 1 of this manicure. I definitely recommend this for everyone and even beginner nail art people who want a simple way of decorating plain nails. Don't forget to use the code SADAFW21 for a 5% discount on

The product seen in this post was sent to me for review. In no way does it influence my review. Like always my review is 100% honest opinion

Friday, 24 August 2012

Orly- Country Club Khaki (review and swatch)

I'm such a liker for nude and beige polishes, so you can guess my excitement when I was sent Orly Country Club Khaki to review. Country Club Khaki is a creamy, milky nude-ish nail polish colour. I truely like this colour. Orly always seems to impress me. It's a subtle colour and very work appropriate. You can wear this polish anywhere and that's why I absolutely love beige and nude colours and the fact that they look awesome. it dried smooth and very shiny like every other Orly polish. Country Club Khaki  is completely streak proof and didn't require any clean up.

I only used 1 coat to achieve this look which really shocked me. It was completely opaque and didn't require a second coat. It was an added bonus since Orly nail polishes dry super quick. This manicure only took 10 minutes which included painting my nails and letting them dry. This is my quickest drying polish I have in my whole collection of polishes and not to mention one coater.
You've got to love a polish that only requires one coat, dries super quick and requires absolutely no clean up. I forgot to mention amazingly smooth and shiny. I've got to say its rare to find a polish that has all these qualities and I'm glad I did. For further information please head over to the Orly website at Orly

The product in this post was sent to me for review. In no way does it influence my review. Like always my  review is 100% honest opinion

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Orly- Charged Up (review and swatch)

Today I have swatch and review for Orly Charged Up. Charged Up is a classic dark purple with an amazing shine. I've noticed with all Orly polishes that they have a great shine which I absolutely love. The drying time for the polish was great because by the time you finished your last finger, the first finger was already dry. When I use dark colours I always hate clean up as they stain your cuticles and skin but I had no problem cleaning up with Orly Charged Up. Applying was also a breeze so that was good. I've used I few Orly polishes before and now I can finally say that I really truely like Orly

Three coats was used to achieve this look however you can still get away with two coats as long as your second coat is not incredibly thin. The polish has a smooth and shiny surface once dry. No topcoat is used in the pictures. You don't need topcoat as it already has that incredible shine as if it has topcoat and seems to be lasting quite a while without topcoat.
I can definitely say that Charged Up is one of my favourite polishes. I recommend this polish if your looking for a dark and gorgeous polish as well as if your in a rush because I was amazed at its drying time.
Orly nail polishes are available in big 18ml bottles. For further information please visit Orly

The products seen in this post was sent to me for review. In no way does it influence my review. Like always my review is 100% honest opinion.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Newspaper/Love Letter nail art

I'm sure all of you have heard of newspaper nails where you using rubbing alcohol to transfer the newspaper words onto your nails. I've always wanted to try that but never had access to rubbing alcohol. Bundle Monster's newest set(third set 2012) has a newspaper/love letter looking stamp. I knew I had to do this. Sadly my plate BM-311 wasn't working but Bundle Monster kindly sent me new ones to make up for them. As soon as I received BM-311 again I got straight down to this.

Products I used:
Jordana- Base Coat
DearFace- Modern Gray 904
Konad special polish- Black
BYS- Topcoat
Orly- Fifty Four
Bundle Monster- BM-311 image plate

This picture is really just to show the shimmer/glowwy effect of Orly Fifty Four. As you can see Fifty Four is the polish bottle in my hand. This design needed a little sprucing up so I added Fifty Four. The camera didn't really pick up the effect of the polish but it looks much better in person. I applied two coats of fifty four.

I liked this design and was happy with it although the grey could have been  a little lighter. In al
 Pictures I have Orly's Fifty Four but they just aren't noticeable. This stamp requires you to scrap gently because the words are so small, if you scrap hard you will scrap all the polish from the words on the stamp

Everyone seemed very impressed when they saw this design. Someone even asked if I work in a nail salon because of this design. It all worked out very well and I'm glad I tried it.

Here you can see the shimmer a little better on my index finger. The shimmer picked up better when in a room with lights rather than in natural sun. The second and third photos was in the natural sun. My curtains pulled up so the sun can shine through and that really didn't help with the shimmer in the photos however in person when the sun shinned on my nails the shimmer was more noticeable. The first picture and this picture were taken in a room with lights and that showed the shimmer better in the photos

Monday, 20 August 2012

DearFace- Modern Gray 904 (Swatch)

Today I have a swatch of DearFace nail polish. I have never heard of DearFace but for $2 I had to get it. I really liked the grey colour. I saw this randomly near Woolies(Woolworths) when I went in to buy some water. They had a massive pile for sale at $2 each. I only picked Modern Gray up since a really needed a grey in that shade and the fact that I didn't know the brand made me a little fidgety in picking it up. Modern Gray is a classic grey with a creme colour look to it. It seems slightly on the dark side of grey. Application worked well but wasn't amazing and drying time was average. It is still worth the $2 I paid for it. After researching quite a few people seem to own and know this brand. Many people have swatches it on their blog. DearFace is an Asian brand and is made in Korea

The polish only require two coats to become opaque. The first coats is a little streaky and parts of the nail don't have much polish compared to other parts but everything evens out with the second coat. All the pictures shown are with two costs

The bottle shape is cute. At first I thought it was in a pumpkin shape but now I think it's in a crown shape  because the DearFace logo is a crown but I could still be wrong. If you wish to purchase this polish many          websites are selling it and even some blogs. I just happened to ran into a stall in front of woolies to find this.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

OPI- Pedal Faster Suzi! (Swatch)

Hey guys. I hope your all doing well. I know I haven't posted in a few days but I have been extremely busy. So many assignments to complete, thursday night I slept at 2am trying to get my work done. I know that next week is also going to be very busy and stressing for me. I have four assignments due, so I might slack off the blog a little. After this post I'm going to add some other posts in draft so hopefully next week all I have to do is publish it. Anyways enough about me lets take a look at OPI Pedal Faster Suzi!

Pedal Faster Suzi! is a light and gentle pink with a silvery shimmer through it. It is indeed sheer so it requires a few coats to achieve a more opaque look. In the pictures below I used three coats and I was happy with that. Although my nail tips are slightly noticeable in the pictures, they weren't that noticeable in person.
I really like this polish and it has been a while that i have worn pink. It's sad because my favourite nail polish colours are Blue, Green and Pink. Most of my polishes are in fact those colours. About 65-70%.
Applying the polish was a breeze and drying was super quick. I always use a nail dryer but it was still very fast dispute using a nail dryer. I was disappointed that I had a small OPI polish bottle for this because it's really pretty. Isn't the little bottle cute?
Removing the polish requires a little more work than regular polish but it's not too bad. I guess it's worth it for the nice colour polish. After all this stress from assignments and everything else, my brother asked me to pick a few things off eBay and other stores and he would purchase them for me because of my hard work. His just the best and hopefully they will arrive right after me completing all my assignments and I can use them without stressing.

Hope you enjoyed this post

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Black French Manicure

It has been ages since I've done a full manicure on every nail. So I decided to do another one but with a black tip. I always usually do the plain French manicure with the classic white tip. I went through my new Bundle Monster(third set) which I have been using a lot lately and noticed I never ever use the French tips. So I thought why not.

Things I used:
Bundle Monster Third Set- BM324 plate
Rimmel London 60 sec- Black Out
Jordana French Manicure- Barely Pink
konad Special Polish- White
BYS- Top Coat
Lacura Beauty- Top Coat
I really liked this looked. It was a slight change from the classic French manicure but still looked great. I'm amazed I didn't stuff up the White polish stamping. It's not perfect but still works
The black tips where done with the polish brush, just drag it across the tip of your nail. I didn't use any adhesive nail form stickers to do the tip as I was stamping and most of the tip stamping hides any imperfections. I got so many compliments about this and a lot of people thought I had fake nails.
I stamped using Bundle Monster image plate BM-324 to do the stamping. If you don't like black tips you can do white tips with black stamping. I did try both on 1 finger each and ended up liking the black one as it was a little different and the design was great?
What do you think? Does it look good or should we just stick to white tips?
Here is all the supplies used from left to right:
BYS topcoat- works great with konad
Lacura Beauty topcoat- BYS topcoat was to thin, so I used a thicker topcoat
Rimmel London Black Out- black tips
Konad White special polish- used for stamping
Jordana Barely Pink- French manicure pink, it's like makeup for nails

Hope you liked this post

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Essence- Blue Addicted (Swatch)

Today I have a swatch for Essence Blue Addicted. When I saw Across The Universe by Deborah Lippmann, I knew I had to have it. It was a bit pricey so I decided to get Blue Addicted which is the dupe. This polish has a blue jelly base with medium sized green and blue hex pieces along with blue glitter. The polish is available for $2.55 in Australia and comes in a small 5ml bottle. Originally I bought one of this polish but then I was lucky to find another in Priceline. I didn't know Priceline was stocking Essence but I'm glad they do.
I used 3 coats to achieve this look. I wanted to see how to polish would look on its own rather then layer it over another polish. The polish looks better in person. This picture was taken a day after I had applied the polish. I did apply topcoat to smooth it out. It wasn't rough or anything but to make it completely smooth I applied a thick topcoat.

This was taken on the day. The polish wasnt the best when it came to applying but it did apply alright. This was a pain to remove due to all the glitter even when using the foil method but with the help of pure acetone I was able to remove it. It was worth it though

Hope you enjoyed this post

Friday, 10 August 2012

Owl in the Night Sky nail art

I took out my new bundle monster set and wanted to stamp with it. I will warn you in advance the photos are blurry. When I had taken them, they looked fine but apparently they are not. I still wanted to post since I really liked this nail art. For the base colour I used Calypso Blue by China glaze to represent the night sky. Then I stamped with konad white special polish using Bundle Monster's newest set(third set).

Things I used:
China glaze- Calypso blue
Konad special polish- White
Bundle Monster third set- Plate BM-309
BYS- Top Coat
Jordana- Nails Be Long Base Coat

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

China Glaze- Calypso Blue(Swatch)

Today I have a swatch of a China Glaze nail polish called Calypso Blue. Calypso Blue is a very dark blue nail polish. At some cases in may look black however it's noticable that the colour is blue once it's on your nails. It has a slight jelly base and is incredibly shiny. The pictures below have no topcoat but this is still very shiny. I used one decent cost to achieve this look and I was glad that it only required one coat. I just love one coat polishes. You can apply two thin coats if you choose however I only used one decent coat, not too thick but not too thin.

Cleaning up was a bit of a pain as it did stain my skin blue and was hard to clean around cuticle areas. The blue polish was removed from the cuticle area however it did leave a blue stain. This can be seen in the picture below. Allow your nail polish to dry and washing your hands with soap should take the stain away. These pictures were taken before I removed the stains so it might look a little messy

Monday, 6 August 2012

Nail Polish Giveaway (closed)

Giveaway time. Yay!!!! This is a very simple giveaway to win 15 Nail Polishes from Australian Brands. I hope you all enter and enjoy this giveaway. I decided to give this Giveaway a lot of time so the last day will be 31 August 2012 (Australian Time)

  • Win 15 Nail Polishes from Australian Brands
  • Giveaway ends 31 August 2012(Australian Time)
  • Competition open Internationally
What to do
  • Comment below with your name and email address(+1entry)
  • New follower (+1 entry)
  • Old Follower (+2 entry)
  • Mention about this Giveaway on your blog, leave link below to prove you've mentioned this giveaway in your blog (+3 entry)
Maximum of 6 entries per person. Follow the what to do section to get more entries. The more dot points you obey the points you get.

If you are a follower please mention your GFC name.

Thank you for entering and good luck!!!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Nail supply Haul

So this is a haul I did yesterday which was Saturday. I bought quite a few things. Spent a lot of money on the start of this month, I wonder how I will go for the rest of the month. I ended up shopping at three places. The first was Pro nail Supply in bankstown and the second was a Target store near my place. The third was Priceline.
I purchased 5 empty bottles for frankening. I recently started and just wanted to have a test. These bottles were purchased from Pro Nail Supply

Yay!!!! Some more China Glaze. I love China Glaze, they have the perfect formula. I purchased Lux and Lush. I've been wanting this for a long time and finally i've got it. The next one is Calypso Blue I've been wanting this one for only a week and hopefully soon I will use it. I have a plan for this blue polish. It looks really dark like black but it is blue. The next polish is by Orly and it's a mini polish in the colour Wandering Vine

these are the stuff I bought from Target. The clear Ulta3 polish is for frankening. Then I also got Essence     Blue Addicted as well as Where is the Party. Lastly is a lipgloss from Essence in the colour Timeless Beauty. Every time I go to the Essence stand in Target near my place they only seem to have 5-6 polishes. This was the first time the stand was full. They had every colour and since I had been lemming blue addicted for a long time I had to purchase it. The only regret was I only purchased one, they had two in the stand and I only purchased one. Blue addicted is a dupe of Deborah Lippmann nail polish called Across the Universe which I also want. I also had been lemming Where is the Party.
Here you can see nail polish remover from Face Of Australia. I wanted to give their nail polish remover a try and also I was out of nail polish remover. That I purchased from Priceline and that is the only thing I purchased from Priceline. I purchased Pure Acetone from Pro Nail Supply as its hard finding Pure Acetone in Australia. Basically I've only had luck at nail supply stores.
Last is the mini OPI Holland Collection. I had been lemming I have a herring Problem and Pedal Faster Suzi for a while and sadly Pro Nail Supply didn't have the full size OPI for these two colours, so I had to settle for the miniature ones. This pack contains the colours I have a Herring Problem, Red Lights Ahead....Where?, Kiss me on my Tulips and Pedal Faster Suzi!

Hope you enjoyed my haul

Saturday, 4 August 2012

I Love Candy nail art

Since my bundle monster arrived yesterday. I sat down testing each image plate. After testing I decided to do stamping. This colour combo looked so nice. I actually really like it, and do not want to remove them from my nails like I usually do. I usually change my polish everyday or two. That means my manicures only last one or two days. Keep in mind that these pictures were taken before top coat.

Things I used:
Bundle Monster plate BM-306 (candy design)
China glaze- FYI
Konad black special polish
BYS top coat
Jordana base coat

Friday, 3 August 2012

Bundle Monster image plates 2012 (set 3)

Last Thursday I ordered the third set of bundle monster image plates. The designs were very amazing and I have to say they have definitely out done themselves from last year. I still love my last year image plates but this year is just amazing. I received my plates today on Friday which means it only took 8 days. Wow that's really fast shipping!!!. I tried every single plate to see if they work and sadly 3 don't. I did contact them and hopefully they will reply soon.

If you have purchased yours I do recommend to test each plate and make sure they work. A lot of people have contacted them claiming a plate isn't working and they seemed to have replaced it. That sounds like great customer service. Anyways I hope to post a picture using them soon

Beauty Works- Purple Glitter

Today I have a swatch of Purple Glitter by Beauty Works. Purple Glitter is from the Bright Nights collection. Purple Glitter is a purple base polish with blue, pink, red, purple, dark and light green glitters. The glitters are not full on out there. They just bring spark to the nail and look amazing. Reminder that the photos do show a little spark but they don't do justice to what the polish really looks like. I tried different angles but this is one polish you have to see with your eyes to be amazed.

This polish is also fantastic with stamping. I have used this to stamp when using konad or other brands and it works amazing. In fact the whole bright nights collection is great for konad stamping. I will swatch the other polishes from this collection soon.