About Me

Hello guys!

My name is Sadaf and I have an absolute passion for Nail Polish. Nail polish is just one of those things I play around with every time I need to relax or just whenever. I made this blog as a way to display nail polish art and swatches. Just everything nail polish related is on this blog.

My passion for nail polish grew in 2006 when I decided that I would actually take care of my nail polish that I had just bought from the store. Unlike many of my previous polishes which had fell in the back of a cupboard or something. It was a $20 nail polish and I was determined to take good care of it.

I love nail polish. My rule is... If you like it, buy it.

This is basically the whole story on how I got into nail polish. Usually on my spare time nail polish is a must. Whether I'm doing my nails or just playing around with it, it's my go-to option.

Other then nail polish I am a MASSIVE animal lover. I own a cockatiel and his name is Sunny. His absolutely sweet, especially when he starts talking and I do not mean whistling, I mean really talking. I am from Sydney, Australia. I love singing, it has been a big passion of mine since I can remember. I also love dancing. I love shopping especially for clothes and nail polish.