Thursday, 31 May 2012

Born Pretty Store Product Review + Striping Tape Nail Art

The Born Pretty Store kindly sent me this product to review. I received 12 pc striping tape. Each tape is in a different colour as well as design. Some are plain, some have bling to them and so on. They are available for $6.29 for a limited time only. Otherwise they will go back to$8.99 which is still a bargain. So check it out and dont forget to use the code SADAFW21 to get 5% off your total purchase.
The Tape comes in a package like this which is nicely wrapped.
Whats better is that each tape is seperately wrapped and packaged. The tape comes in every colour you could use and its really easy to use. It also has a sticky side so you dont need to glue it down. Just cut and attach to your nails. This product was easy to use and only took about five minutes to attach to all my fingers which is great because i personally love to do nail art but sometimes hate it when it takes forever. I had no problems with this product however i do recommend top coat to secure the tape as they may start peeling a few hours later if you dont have topcoat. Other than that its a must have nail art product. So check out the Born Pretty Store and buy yourself one. Each tape is 4.5m long so it will last forever and 0.1cm wide.

Striping Tape Nail Art

Here is a quick and simple nail art that looks amazing. I used Chi Chi in Glamourama. Which is a simple and perfect gold. I then used the striping tape from the Born Pretty Store in the colou silver however it was glittery and blinging.
I got so many compliments for this design. It is simple but still looks great. The nail polish took five minutes to dry with 2 coats and the applying of the tape also took five minutes. So for this design in only took me ten minutes which i am so happy about.

Thesev products were sent to me for review. In no way does it influence my review. Like always my reviews are 100% honest opinion

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Swatch- Orly (Walk Down The Aisle)

So it's been a few days I haven't posted. Don't worry I haven't forgot about you guys. Today I have a swatch for Orly's Walk Down The Aisle. WDTA is a light shimmery green. Let me warn you it's very sheer. Four coats is seen in the pictures below yet my nail underneath is noticeable. In my opinion it looks goldish when your indoors however you get a tinny tiny shimmer of green when your outdoors in the sun. I would recommend this with a similar colour green nail polish as the base coat. Overall I still love this polish. It dried quickly and it was a breeze to apply. Usually I get a little annoyed if I have to apply four coats but not with this polish.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Nail Art- Split Colours

Another nail art for you. It's pretty easy but can get messy. Don't worry cleaning was simple. I only have one picture this time as I couldn't save the rest. They just magically disappeared and went to another galaxy. The pink I used was Revlon's colour stay nail polish in Cafe Pink(number 60). The blue is from a brand called eclipse. Eclipse nail polish can be found at morning glory which is like a gift and stationary store. I didn't know the brand but it was only $2.50 so I thought why not. It's made in Korea for those who wanna know. I wasn't sure of buying unknown brands but loved the colour alot that I couldn't say no. The colour is 613. The idea came to me when I sat this polish next to my other polishes. It was right next to Cafe Pink and they looked so good together. So I thought why not. I also used Nail Star two way polish as the divider.

1. Using the thin brush that comes with the silver polish I divided my nail into two.
2. Using the blue I applied it on one side of the line. The line was made as a guide.
3. I then repeated this for the pink.
4. Both nail polishes were thin so they needed a second coat
5. After the second coat I applied the silver, glittery polish again to neaten everything up.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Bornprettystore Code

Hey guys. Today I have a code for you guys to use as the Born Pretty Store. It's SADAFW21, check it out and Get 5% off your total cost at the store. The code is available until 30th December 2012. So you guys have a lot of time to shop.

Some supplies they have are:
Nail polish
Nail art supplies
Stamping plates and kits
Nail decoration
Dotting tools

They have way more but that is just to give you a hint. So guys check out the Born Pretty Store and start buying. Even if you don't buy, remember to have a look. It's totally worth it. Don't forget to use the code SADAFW21 to get 5% you're total order.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Nail Art Tutorial- Dragonfly Trails

So I was recently asked to do a tutorial of a nail art. I had this dragonfly trails idea for a long time. I keep this design for today as I had a special event. The design I have is very simple. Anyone can do it, all you need is nail polish, Fimo canes and either La Colors Art Deco thin brush in black or a nail art brush with black nail polish

1) first apply a base coat to keep your nails healthy and stop staining. I am using Jordana Nails Be Long Base Coat.
2) apply your chosen colour for nail polish. I recommend a green as it looks really nice. I used Australis Nail polish in the colour "limited edition #2" this is a brilliant green with small fine glitter very hard to notice, more like a shimmer.In fact when I first bought it I didn't know it had glitter. I only noticed once I came home.
3) apply little amount of clear nail polish on your finger where the Fimo cane will go and also a little on the orange stick to pick up the dragonflies.
4) attach the Fimo canes to different parts on each nail. 
5) using a thin brush nail polish in black draw dotted lines( like -----) on your nail to show the trails of your dragonfly. 
6) apply top coat to seal in the Fimo canes.

Check out the pictures for step to step instructions.

Apply base coat

Nail polish I have chosen is Australis Nail Polish in the colour Limited Edition 2

Cut out some Fimo canes

Apply nail polish

Apply some clear polish on to your nail where the cane is supposed to go. Also apply some to the orange stick to help pick up the canes

Pick random spots on your nail to apply the Fimo canes

Get thin brush nail polish in black such as LA Color Art Deco polishes and draw dotted lines like -------

End result!!!!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Unknown package

So today I received a package. I was unaware of this package as I hadn't ordered anything or no sent me something. So i decide to open it. I know the contents of the package has nothing to do with nail art but sometimes I like to post exciting and random things. Yes this was exciting for me. Inside the package was five iPad stylus'. I needed a stylus for my iPad forever and now I had five. The reason you don't see five in the pic is because I gave two away. I didn't know who bought these but they were labelled out to me. My brother had ordered the stylus' for me. He texted me asking if I had received them. My brother is always so caring. Can't believe he did that. I did give him two stylus' as five was a lot and the fact that he bought them for me

Monday, 14 May 2012

Swatch- Sally Hansen(Showgirl Chic)

Since Australia gets things so late. The Sally Hansen Gem Crush have only just become available. It has been maybe around a month or so that they have been out. I have been eyeing them since they have been available. So with a 30% sale I couldn't stop myself and had to buy one. Originally $10 at target but I bought it $7 with the sale.

Today is the swatch for Showgirl chic. I have to warn you the photos don't do justice to what they actually look like. It looks so much better in person. It's even made me want more of the Gem Crush collection. I also have close up pics of the bottle to see what it looks like. It might look messy but this photo was taken before I cleaned it up.

Remember if your purchasing this polish. It takes a while to clean and remove the glitter. I recommend the foil method

Do you like the GEM CRUSH collection? Tell me what you think?

Nail Art- Tiffany Flowers

Another nail art or stamping for you guys. In my previous post I mentioned using an iPad to do this. Well I still am and I am going to be for a few weeks.

I used three coats of China Glaze's For Audrey. Than I used Bundle Monster's image plate 225. I used Konad white special polish to stamp the flower design on. Than I used BYS top coat as it doesn't smudge the design.

I know I could have been neater but it was really late at night. In fact I was supposed to post this last week but computer issues stopped me. This picture is taken before I used top coat or even cleaned up so it is a little messy. It looked a lot neater once I cleaned it up

Swatch- China Glaze (For Audrey)

How is everyone? Now before I get started my computer has been acting up so bare with me as things may be slower than usual. I will be using my iPad for this as my computer issues have not been dealt with but don't worry a new computer is on its way.

For now we have China Glaze's For Audrey. This is one of the most loved China Glaze polishes. I really love this colour. For me it's an essential. The applying was easy and it dried in a reasonably normal time. Now what I mean by that is that it didn't dry super quick but it didn't take forever. In this photo you see three thin costs but you may be fine with two slightly thicker coats. Once again I have one photo taken in my room with the lights on and the other with the flash of my camera

Take a look for yourself

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Happy Mothers Day!!!

I know mothers day is tomorrow but I will be so busy to write this post so I thought I would write it in advance. Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful people and I hope that tomorrow will be a enjoyful day.

I was out all day today shopping for my mum. I bought a lot of makeup and clothes but my big suprise is tomorrow, I will take her to a restaurant. There will be a lot of catching up, even though I live in the same house as her, I hardly get time to talk to her. She works till 10pm everyday so I feel like tomorrow we can just catch up at the restaurant just talking and stuff. My brother is also going to be there, so we can all just have a great time.

Anyways enough with my plans. I went shopping today to buy presents for my mum. First stop was Priceline which had OPI shatter nail polish for $9.99, I was amazed. Since when does Priceline stock OPI. Sadly I didn't buy any because I was only spending this money on my mum. I even convinced myself before going shopping that I wouldn't buy a thing(nail polish) for myself. I did break that as I bought a nail polish but that was from Sally Hansen before I saw OPI otherwise I would buy OPI. I also went to Myer next. Bought a lot of lipstick that my mum had wanted for ages. They had a deal that spend $40 you get a bag with goodies. Yay! Extra makeup for my mum. So that was a added bonus. Then I also bought some clothing as well.

What do you have planned tomorrow? What did you buy?

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Glitter Party- Nail Design

Now this isnt really nail art, its more of a design but anyways. i used Orcala Number 20. Two coats of that. After that i used Colorway's 28. One coat of that is seen in the picture. lately i have been using alot of glitter so maybe this will be my last post with glitter for a while.
This was taken with flash from my camera. The purple is slightly different. the hex pieces were shining rainbow but noticable in the photo.
this is the natural colour of the purple. my camera was doing a bad job focusing but its a close up.

Swatch- Orcala (20)

so another swatch for you guys. As you guys saw on saturday i bought same nail polish and couldnt help myself to not using them. I have here Orcala which i mentioned i have never heard of but loved the purple colour. its number 20 for those who wanna know. Lately i have been fairly busy and i havent been able to post lately as much. I also didnt have access to my computer as it has been acting up.
Here is Orcala Number 20. this photo was taken in my room with no lights. it was pretty sunny but it didnt affect the colour much. Now i am not normally a dark nail polish person but i really loved this colour that i couldnt help myself when i saw it in the store. usually i think twice when i see a unknown brand
here it is with the flash of my camera. the original colour yoou see is the colour in the first two pictures without the flash.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Haul: nail dryer + nail polishes

So I had been researching some nail dryers here in Australia. I couldn't find a suitable one for me. Upon researching I came to Homedics luxury hand spa centre. Most website were selling it for $49.95. So I went to which was also selling it for $49.95 but they had a sale for $29.95. I was planning on buying it however ten minutes later I came across it on the dicksmith website for $14.95. I went in store to find it for $34.95. I was confused but I didn't give up so I went to another dicksmith store which had it for $14.95, haha finally got it

Other than that I bought four nail polishes. Two are from Orcala which I have never heard about. One is from Colorway which I also haven't heard of but the last is from Ulta 3 which I had heard of.

In order from left to right we have:
Orcala- 20
Orcala- 36
Colorway- 28
Ulta 3- Confetti

OPI Giveaway(Closed)

So my friends recently all came over and handed me some OPI nail polish. What was funny was they all got me the same nail polishes. So they gave me four each. And also each gave me the drip drys. So now I have 3 drip drys and 12 nail polishes, 3 of each colour. So I decided to have a giveaway.

There will be two winners. Each will win four OPI nail polishes and a OPI drip dry. The competition will close on 19 OF MAY. So You have exactly two weeks to enter. It's international so anyone can enter.

All you have to do is guess one OPI nail polish colour and the first two people to guess a colour that I am giving away will win. If there isn't two people then the winner will be the closest to the colour I am giving away.

Besides that please leave your name and email address to be contacted.

All The Best!!!

Thank you everyone for participating.
The winners are
- Casandra
- Lisa Philips

I have contacted you. Please respond to receive your prizes. There will be another giveaway once I have 50 followers

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Swatch- Jordana (chiffon)

Another swatch for you guys. A few weeks ago I bought this polish and was requested to do a swatch. It's a very calm and subtle colour by Jordana. I personally loved this polish. It applied on well and dried fairly quick. I know it isn't china glaze, opi or Essie but it worked amazingly.

Hope you guys enjoyed this. I really like this brand. It is comparable to some of the good brands out there. Although nothing can beat China Glaze, OPI or Essie. my three top fav brands.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Fairy dust flowers- nail art

Having some time available I thought it would be best to do my nails. So I did. I used Bourjois's new anti chip nail polish in number 13. I used two coats of that. Followed by the flower design using bundle monster image plate 205. I used Konad black special polish. Then I used China glaze fairy dust. Two coats as I felt one coat wasn't sparkly enough.