Sunday, 29 April 2012

Swatch- China Glaze's Kaleidoscope Him Out

so i decided to do my nails with Kalleidoscope Him Out from China Glaze. it worked so well. i only used two layers and it dried so quick. All my friends were complimenting me and my nails on how good the colour looked on it. In fact a friend asked me to buy it for her so next time i will be sure to buy another of this great polish for my friend.
It looks so pretty. sadly i couldn't get a picture of the shine in the sun. You see such a beautiful rainbow across your nails when your outside in the sun. I definitely recommend this to nail polish lovers, its a must. After trying this i have to say its one of my favourites.
You can see the shine in this picture above. its not the best rainbow shine but its noticable on the pointing and middle finger.

What do you guys think?

minty shoes- Nail Art

guys i got around to doing my nails the other day. i didnt get time to post however so here goes. this is just some stamping with Bundle Monster plate 213(the new but not so new image plate set). i picked the high heels because they looked really pretty.

i used China Glaze's Groovy Green. three coats is seen in this picture. then i used konad black special polish and stamped the design. i was so happy with it however being unpatient i ended up stuffing the design up once i applied topcoat. but since this is an honest view on nail art i also have that picture located below.
here is the picture of the smudged shoes on my nails but being the perfectionalist that i am when it comes to nails that everything has to be perfect otherwise i will do it again. well guess what i did it again.

anyways i hope you enjoyed it. i know Groovy Green didnt come out so green. it looks alittle white but its a light minty-milky green

Small nail polish + lip gloss haul

Hey guys. I ended up going to the shops just for some fun. I bought some things I didn't actually plan to buy.

Two nail polishes:
Rimmel London- green grass 260
Bourjois- 13 (didn't have a name)

Two lip glosses:
Dr pepper- I'm a pepper lip balm
Bourjois- rose exclusif

The nail polish from Bourjois was a new one. The anti chip still with a curved brush to touch up your nail polish. It was a must try. I will do a review if the brush is any good for touch ups and just overall

I was also excited to see the lip gloss from Bourjois. Transparent lip gloss that turns a certain shade of pink according to your ph of your lips. Hmm
I ended up trying it and loving it. It was really smooth and lasted hours

Hope you guys enjoyed this post

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Born Pretty Store

So recently I came across the born pretty store. A great access to all nail related stuff. I know that I will be visiting this website frequently in my search for nail related products.

The reason I wanted to share this with you guys is the fantastic service and free shipping. I know that hearing that is enough to make me want to shop.

Check the website below:

And to refer me check this site:

I've heard so many lovely things about this store that I wanted to alert you bloggers and nail polish addicts to check it out for yourself. Even if you don't buy, it's still worth looking at. Not only that I found the prices really cheap which meant I could have nail supplies without blowing the budget. Another reason for me posting about the born pretty store is that many asked me where they could find great quality and affordable nail related stuff. Born pretty store has all nail supplies in the one place so you don't have to go and buy from so many different stores.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Swatch- Revlon's Popular

i recently saw Popular and it caught my eye. i had to buy it. im just swatching it for you guys
its from Revlon and its number 230

its really pretty. the only problem was the glitter was hard to remove. however i do have a few tricks up my sleeve to remove them. hope you enjoy

Swatch- China Glaze's FYI

take a look at China Glaze's FYI from the OMG Collection
its so holographic and pretty. glad this photo came out well

Easter nail art

so i should have posted this earlier but i have been so busy. this is my easter design. i had this on my nails during easter however i never got to post it.

i used a base coat to start and then i used i skin/ nail colour polish that a friend gave me. it had no label.

after that using white polish a drew a curved line to help me. then i dotted green, pink and blue on one side. which was followed by a silver line on top of the white line to neaten everything up. i then used jordana topcoat.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

China Glaze Haul

I was supposed to post this yesterday but here it is.

I found discontinued nail polish so I had to buy.

In the first pic from left to right we have:
Kaleidoscope Him Out

In the second pic from left to right we have:
For Audrey
Groovy Green
Fairy Dust

I also showed some pictures of FYI. I gotta say I think FYI is on of my fav nail polishes. Love the colour.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

China Glaze nail polish Giveaway(closed- winner announced)

Hey guys. Now I think it's time to have a giveaway as a start to my blog. I will be planning to have more giveaways in the future so stay tuned. The prize is 5 random China Glaze nail polishes and there is going to be two winners. Both winners will win 5 nail polishes each. All you have to do is comment below saying what china glaze nail polish you like best and why. Also leave you name and email address so the winner can be contacted. International contest so anyone can enter. Hope you guys enjoy


So it's officially over and the two winners are:
Lisa Kandle

You have been emailed and have 2 weeks to respond. Thank you for everyone who entered. I am going to soon have an OPI giveaway so stay tuned for that. Hopefully those who didn't get a chance will get a opportunity. Anyways hope you enjoy

Friday, 20 April 2012

Pro Nail Supply Trip Tomorrow

Hey guys, just wanted to inform you guys I'm going to head out to pro nail supply in bankstown and buy myself some nail polish. I'm hoping mostly china glaze but I might pick up a Essie nail polish or so.

Stick around tomorrow to see my haul. If possible and if they have any nail polish stands/displays, I'm also planning to buy those. My nail polish collection is growing. Yes I think I may have become a nail polish addict. I've always loved nail polish and 90% of the time my nails have nail polish on them. But nowadays I want great brands like Essie and china glaze, oh and also Opi.

I Have been taking care of my nails for 6 years. I've been using several products to make sure they are healthy and strong. You can't bend my nails, well you can if you try so damn hard but when I push really hard with my hand against my nail no movement. I've had so many people ask how I've done that and maybe soon if people want to see I may put up another post or page informing you how to do that.

I think I went off topic for a second. Anyways my wall is so hard. I tried drilling a hole in it with my driller(is that what they call it) and it broke the drill. I was thinking if I did buy a display how would I display it on my wall. I don't want a bench one, just a wall one. Any suggestions.

Anyways since I did do a long post, I don't wanna bore you with all this reading so bye guys and stay tuned tomorrow

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Small Nail Polish Haul

So from my previous post you found out that I bought 5 nail polishes

From left to right we have:
Revlon- Popular 230
Jordana- nails be long lengthener 401
Jordana- chiffon 986
Jordana- blue flash 967
Jordana- lilac hearts 673

Friday Nail Polish Search

Hey guys so I finally got some time from my fully packed life to head out and buy nail polish. That's right nail polish! It all happened Friday.

I usually go out and buy nail polish whenever I want. If I like it, I buy it. That's my rule. So I went out on Friday just to look around and ended up buying 5 nail polishes. No pictures yet but I promise to have them up.

Living down under means that Finding some great nail polish brands such as China Glaze, Opi or Essie are very hard. If we do come to access to it, they are usually $20 AUD. Pricey but what can we do. Before you think about the 5 nail polishes I bought and great brands, let me tell you one was from revlon and the others from Jordana.

Now your thinking why did I tell you about expensive nail polishes such as China Glaze. Well I told you because I've heard of a store for about a year but never went to because it's about a 40-45 minute drive. They sell china glaze and other brands for real cheap. China glaze I heard was $6. So I may go someday soon. Maybe even today. For those who want to go to it too. It's called pro nail supply in bankstown. Search it on google and you will find its website with the address.

I guess that's the end but I will put pictures of my nail polish haul I did on Friday.

Take care guys and see you next time