Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ulta 3- enchanted (magnetic polish)

Today I have a swatch of another fantastic Australian brand called Ulta 3. Ulta 3 Enchanted is a silver foil like nail polish with gold sparkles and glitter. Upon applying the magnet you immediately see black polish with gold glitter particles and a silver line. The silver line is more strong towards the silver side then what the polish originally looked like. Originally Echanted gave a mix of silver and gold.

Here you can see the polish before the magnet was applied. The colour is so gorgeous that I don't mind wearing it on its on with no magnetic. This is only one coat and is very opaque. The polish is a Silver like polish with a slight gold undertone

Once the magnet is applied, the polish darkens to a black like colour with gold like particles and glitter. Along with gold glitter there is also silver glitter however when your outside or near light the gold is more dominant and when your indoors the silver is more dominant.

Ulta 3 magnetic nail polish is available for $5 and $3 for additional magnets. Additional magnets are optional as all bottle come with a magnet, however they are all the same and are the ones seen on my nails. They are available at some chemists/pharmacies but not all stock it. Terry white is most likely to stop them so it would be your best shot to try there first

This was the first time ever for me to where dark black like nail polish. I've never worn black on its own and this is the closest to black I've worn. I was always thinking whether black polish would look good on me and that's why I never wore black but I actually like this polish and it looks good on me so I may have to try black one day.

I hope you enjoyed my post and hopefully you end up buying some magnetic nail polish for yourself.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Lace Nail Art Stamping

Hey everyone. Today I finally have a lace design on my nails. I've seen so many nail stickers with the lace design that I have wanted to create that design myself using image plates. Finally I've done it. I have never gotten the time to do the lace design but I thought why not, it's now or never.

For the base colour I used Jordana in the colour Chiffon which is the perfect polish for this. It applied super easy and dried super fast. Everything was perfect for this polish. Then I stamped the designs using Konad black special polish.

Image plates used:
Konad M57 - flower, lace print(fish net stockings)
Bundle Monster BM208 - flower(middle finger)
Red Angel RA106 - flower(index finger)
Red Angel RA118 - flower(used on ring finger), I also used another flower but that was on my other hand

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Nail Drama- Pathway To Love(swatch)

I have to say I have caught the frankening(is this even a word) bug. I have been making my own polish lately and today I have another nail polish I made called Pathway To Love. Pathway To Love is a Jelly like nail polish. It contains several different shapes and sizes of glitter as well as colours. Nail polishes base is a red which is very see through. It turned out different to what I had planned but I am still very happy with the results.

Here is a close up of the polish, as you can see there is so many shapes and sizes of glitter

Here it is seen with one coat. It is still see through but with three coats it's opaque. Sadly I don't have photos of it with three coats. It looks a little jelly like here. All photos are taken with no top coat.

All the glitter you see is actually very smooth, my fear was that the glitter would stick out and cause a problem but it was smooth. However a top coat is good to have to make sure no tiny bump or anything bothers you.

Here you can see the polish with two coats and it looks more jelly like in this picture. It is not opaque with two coats however it is still dark. Can you believe it's the first time I've worn red completely on my nails. I'm not such a liker of red polish and have never completely did my nails with red only. This was the first time

Close up of Pathway To Love. So what do you think? Does it look good on its own or should I use another polish as a colour base coat?

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My own nail/franken polish

So my friends suggested that I create my own polish since I have such a love for polish. Guess what, I did. I've only made two but I will make even more once I but more empty nail polish bottles. It's so much fun to make and do, so I've decided to call the brand The Nail Drama. When I do swatch them, they will be available in the swatch page of my blog labelled The Nail Drama

The blue polish is called Mermaid Tears. Mermaid Tears is a very sheer light blue polish with a very small amount of glitter. It is very sheer so it needs a similar colour base coat before applying.

The pink polish is called Galaxy 101. Galaxy 101 is a shimmery and semi pearlized pink polish with fine silver glitter and normal size blue glitter. This polish becomes opaque with 2-3 coats. No colour base coat required

Monday, 23 July 2012

Nails Inc- Bag A Bachelor (Swatch)

Today I've got a swatch for a Nails Inc polish called Bag A Bachelor. Bag A Bachelor is a light, creamy pink. For all you Australians who want this polish, it is available in Cleo's August magazine issue. You have a choice of three colour. One is a light pink(which is this one), another is a metallic silver and another is a bright orange(kinda neon like).

The brush was great and the polish consistency was great too. In the picture below I have applied three costs. It's too thin with one coat and with two coats your nail is still noticable however with three coats it becomes to thick and the top layer takes forever to dry. Even when it is dry, the polish is damage-able. So don't bump your fingers. I was disappointed as the colour is so pretty however the polish became too thick with three coats. Other than that it was great and the first two costs dried fairly quick.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Wallpaper on my nails

I really don't know what to call this but everyone who looked at it claimed that it looked like wallpaper so wallpaper on my nails I'm calling it.

The base light baby blue colour is from Eclipse in the colour 613. As I only have Konad special polish in black and white, I decided to stamp in colour. I tried yellow but it hardly showed up so I went with purple. The polish I used for stamping was Orcala in the colour 20. When you use normal polish you have the risk of it not showing up perfectly and in my case that was what happened. It didn't stamp perfectly but it did stamp well. I wasn't going to a party or anything, just for a normal day so I decided not to fix it up and just leave it the way it is. I still love the colour combo and how it turned up.

I used the Red Angel image plate 109 to stamp.

Eclipse- 613 (Swatch)

Eclipse is not a well known brand, however for the cheap price of $3, it is worth trying out. I bumped into Eclipse nail polish at Morning Glory(gift and stationary store full of cute things) so I decide to pick one up. I never intended on swatching it however I was requested so I decided to search it. 613 is a light baby blue colour. Eclipse nail polish works well however drying time is towards the slow side. Even when it was dried completely to the touch, a bump ruined the whole polish as it scraped completely off. It did dry though eventually and applying was pretty easy. I didn't find much bad things about the polish besides the fact that it was slow drying and was easily ruin-able.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Flakie or Glitter?

Hello everyone, last month David jones was getting rid of revlon polishes, some for $5 and some for $10. I ran to pick up the polishes as I was super excited. I ended up buying two $5 and one $10 Revlon polishes. This polish is Revlon Colada Fizz which is this glittery polish which is semi flakie. It's not the perfect flakie but has hints of flakes through it. It's in a clearing blue base. I decided to apply it over my nail polish I already had which is Orcala No.36 and swatch of that can be found Here. I will do a better swatch of Colada Fizz when I get the chance but here you guys go. I have to say the pictures didn't show the flakie effect at all which is disappointing but it's there in person and looks much better than the pictures show.

Revlon Colada Fizz is scented. I liked the scent, it had a sweet candy like smell although my nose was blocked because I have been sick the past few days. This picture was taken three days after having it on my nails.

This picture and the below ones were taken straight after my manicure was done. They work really well but I was disappointed on how the pictures turned up. No matter what angle and with or without lights, it didn't pick up the semi flakie effect

Colada fizz on its own is very see through even with quite a lot of coats. So I hesitated to try it on It's own. I will however next time and maybe you can see the true colour of the polish

Here is a close up of the polish so that you can get an idea of what it looks like

Orcala- No. 36

Hey girls, I hope you've all been well. I know I haven't posted in over a week but I have been so sick for the past six days that I haven't had the chance. I have been in bed for six days and you guys can't imagine how boring that was. The coughing, the cold, the bad headache and to top it all off my whole body was aching. I do feel sick but I'm getting better and could wait any longer to post.

I haven't really purchased much this month as I'm trying to spend less on polish so I decided to try some nail polish I haven't tried or swatched yet. Today we have Orcala in the colour no. 36. Orcala nail polish works really well and I'm always happy with its quality. This store near my place sells Orcala and so far it's the only place I know that sells it. I have tried this polish before for water marbling( I forgot to take pics so that's why it's not on my blog) and it worked amazingly well. I decided to try it on its own as I really love this colour.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

China Glaze- DV8

DV8 is a lovely holographic nail polish from China Glaze's OMG collection. I've had this polish for a while but never swatches it because I only wanted to use it for a special occasion. Such a elegant colour, that I felt it would do justice to the polish if I only wore it out for a special occasion. I was really keen wanting to see how it looked on the nails that I had to use it today. No more waiting I thought.

The polish has an incredible shine and rainbow going though it which is what everyone looks for when buying holographic nail polish. The polish was amazing fast at drying, and i mean really fast. Two thin coats and the polish was done. For the whole manicure it took me 7 minutes which was well worth my time and applying the polish was also a breeze. I have to say that this polish is amazing and I can't find anything to complain about.
Enough said about the polish, it's best for you to see for your eyes

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Styled half French manicure

Just last month Essence released a new collection in Australia. Marble mania, I ended up buying two polishes from their new collection which was especially made for water marbling. I did buy them to use for water marbling but I never had the time to do I thought why not use one for nail art. Just to test and all that.

For those who didn't notice, I did cut my nails shorter. I cut them really short but I felt like a change and it's good because the tips of my nails are healthy.

For this manicure I painted all my nails a creamy peach colour which was from the Essence Marble Mania collection called Peaches. I painted all my fingers completely besides the ring finger. For the ring finger I only painted the tips. I used Red Angel image plate 1. And stamped on all my nails, which was then followed by BYS top coat. I used Konad Black Special Polish to stamp. I has received a few emails asking what topcoat doesn't smudge when stamping. The only topcoat I use is BYS because so far it doesn't smudge. It is a really thin so it doesnt really help protect the design but after that dries I add another thick quick drying topcoat.

Three coats of Essence Peaches was used. The nail polish is quite thin and I was a little disappointed that the polish wasn't the same colour as the bottle. The bottle had a much lighter creamy colour while on my nails it looked like a creamy orange not peachy colour. Maybe next time I should use a white base polish underneath. Other than that the design came out really good and I really liked it. Simple but stylish. I am really digging the accent finger designs latterly although it took a lot of self convincing to try it out. I wasn't really sure with it but it worked out great.