Saturday, 30 November 2013

Barbed Wire Nail Art

So if you guys have been checking out my blog, you will know that i haven't been doing much nail art. So keeping that in mind i decided to do some nail art. I haven't used my stamping image plates in a while so i thought LETS STAMP!!!!!!

Products i used:
-BYS nail polish in Kung Fu Blue
- Konad special polish in Black
-Bundle Monster image plate BM323

That's how simple this design is. It only requires 3 things and you're good to go. Of course you need a stamper and scraper but that's pretty logical so i didn't add that to the list. This nail art looks so much better in person, i swear. The design is Barbed Wire which i thought was cute.
It's quite simple but I've received so many compliments. In fact today when i walked into Priceline, yep to buy more nail polish. The lady who worked there said she loved my nails so much, she actually even guessed that i went into Priceline to buy polish. As soon as i walked in she was like " you're here to buy polish, right?" Bahaha, i nodded and she was like " I saw your nails and i guessed" 
I'm very pleased with how this turned out and sometimes even simple designs look really nice. Oh and I've been eyeing the new bundle monster holiday set and the CYO set, every year i get them when they are released but i just found out about them this month. Why am i so slow with trends and new stuff this year. So maybe you will see future posts with those image plates.

Anyways hope you enjoy this post.... Tell me what you thought. Do you like the barbed wire nail art?

Monday, 25 November 2013

Essie- Case Study

So this is the first time I'm swatching Essie polish on my blog. I like Essie polishes so its kind of weird that i haven't swatched them before. Anyways aside from my rambling today I'm gonna be talking about Essie Case Study. Case Study is a creamish brown polish. If you guys don't already know, I'm a sucker for nude, tan, beige and creamish colours so when I saw this in the store i knew i had to have it. 
The photos show 2 coats but this is opaque with one coat if you do a generous coat. However knowing me, i had to add the second coat. Only downside to this polish is that it is so much darker on your nails then in the bottle. Don't get me wrong i love the colour on my nails but i initially picked it up because i loved the colour in the bottle and if i had to pick which I liked better, it would have to be the colour in the bottle then on the nail. I still love the colour on the nail though but not as much as in the bottle. In fact if you look at pictures below(not the top photo cause you can't tell) you can tell the difference between the polish that is in the bottle and on your nail. I do have to say that you can notice a bigger difference in person then the pictures.
Okay enough said about the colour. Applying was a breeze and no clean up which I love. Drying was good, not great but definitely better then alot of polishes and by good i mean that once you painted both your hands, you had to wait 2-3 minutes for the next coat which is not bad. I usually say great drying time to polishes that are done by the time you finish your both hands that you can go straight away with a second coat. Still pretty impressive. The formula was also great. I definitely see myself using Essie Case Study in the future.
What's your favourite Essie polish? Have you used Case Study?
Let me know your opinions and thoughts in the comments below

Friday, 22 November 2013

Revlon- Blue Lagoon

So today i have a swatch of Revlon Blue Lagoon. Blue Lagoon is a light blue, almost baby blue with silver speckles. The speckles aren't that noticeable on the nail but if you look closely at the bottle you will see them. This polish only required 2 coats 
So the formula of this polish was not the best from Revlon. I've tried better but it wasn't a let down either. It was a little bit thinner then most Revlon polishes. Due to this applying was just a tad trickier. Despite being thin and more runnier then regular polishes, i was surprised when it was opaque at only 2 coats. Being quite thin i thought that it require about 4 coats, so it was plus that it was opaque in only 2 coats. What happened when applying the polish to your nail was that when you brushed it onto your nail, since it was runny, the excess polish from the top of the brush moved quickly down the brush and onto the nail. Adding excess polish onto the nail. I recommend when using this polish to wipe it completely onto the bottle and then brush onto your nail, that way when the excess polish moves down onto your nail, it will be the right amount. Hope that made sense.
Other then that i had no other problem with this polish and was quite happy, even the drying time was great. By the time i applied polish to both my hands, the polish was try so i could go over it with the second coat straight away without waiting. Clean up was also a breeze, in fact there was barely any clean up. All clean up was done when the polish was wet. I just cleaned up using an orange/cuticle stick. 
Do I like this polish? I do like this polish, the colour is amazing, the drying time is great, only downside is its consistency but i learnt how to take care of that. So overall a great polish by Revlon. 
Blue Lagoon is definitely a beautiful colour and it looks so good. Your polish will have shimmery effect once on your nails which you can see in the photos. What I also like is that its quite thin on your nails. I'm not a huge fan of thick polishes because they look all thick and gloppy on your nails. I like it when it looks as though there isn't all these layers on top of your nail( if you know what I mean)
So what do you think? What's your favourite Revlon polish? Have you tried Blue Lagoon by Revlon Yet?
Let me know in the comments below

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine- Plume

So today i went shopping. In particular i went to priceline which was having a 40% off all cosmetics sale. I promised myself that I wouldn't buy a thing but ended up walking out of the store with 2 nail polishes. Not that bad I'd like to think. This being one of the polishes. So today I've swatched Sally Hansen's Lustre Shine nail polish in the colour Plume. The Lustre Shine range seems to be duo-chrome polishes which i totally love and can't get enough and since i haven't tried this range, today was the best time to try it.
Sally Hansen has been a brand that i always buy from and will continue to buy from. They are decent priced polishes and work well. The formula for this polish was great and so was drying time. It tried really quickly. I only required 2 coats to achieve this look. It was however alittle streaky but I've realised that all duo-chrome polishes are like that, well atleast the ones I've tried and you can kind of see that in the picture.
Here is the polish bottle up close so you can see the duo-chrome. This polishes base colour is a bronze-gold with blue and green effects. At different angles the nail looks either gold, blue or green. The picture below shows a slight green tinge from a different angle. Mostly you will see the foil-y bronze/gold colour but if you're outdoors the duo-chrome effect works better, especially in the sun you can see all three colours on your nails.
Applying was a breeze and i had no problem with this polish whatsoever. They retail for $9.95 here in Australia but i was able to snatch it up on sale for $5.95 due to the 40% sale at priceline. The particular colour Plume is incredibly pretty and having such good results with this polish makes me want to try the rest of the Lustre Shine range.
As i mentioned before that it is slightly streaky, it isn't a big deal and it doesn't affect the way the polish is applied. In all honesty the slight lines on my nails don't bother me at all and are not even that noticeable in real life. I highly recommend this polish and am very pleased.
So have you tried any Sally Hansen polishes? Maybe from the Lustre Shine range. If so comment below telling me whether you liked it or not. Are you excited to try this range, and which colour is your favourite.