Sunday, 15 June 2014

Chi Chi- Dark Purple (Party Princess Collection)

Hey guys, today i have a swatch of a Chi Chi polish. I believe i haven't swatched Chi Chi in ages, anyways this particular polish belongs to the Party Princess collection. I don't know it's exact name because they don't label the polishes you buy in the collection so I'm calling it dark purple. These are only available when you buy the whole collection. 
The polish formula was amazing, literally i was shocked when i used this. It glided on perfectly onto the nail and dried super fast. I cannot find a flaw, no jokes. 
It didnt even require much clean up and very easy to use, literally this mani took about 10 minutes including drying time. Now for me that's impressive. It's a lovely purple with a bit of a fine particle glitter effect to it, i don't know if the photo shows it well. Photos don't do it justice.  
I was very pleased with the outcome and got asked by many what polish i used. I definitely see myself using this more often. I don't really use purples much but i think after using this that may possibly change.
The above photos were taken in natural light during the day. The photo below was also taken in natural light however it was taken a little later on in the day. Hopefully this helps to see how the polish looks
What do you think? Have you guys used Chi Chi polishes before?


  1. Wow, that is such a striking yet unique shade.

    I am so intrigued to know that it is completely dried in 10 minutes. I have never come across a polish like that!!

    1. It is such a unique shade. Hehe i was shocked too that it dried so quick, very impressed


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