Friday, 31 August 2012

Essence- Where is the Party?

Today I have a swatch for Essence Where is the Party?. Where is the Party is a purple douchrome with green. The polish is mostly purple but at some angles it looks or shows a hint of green. It is a amazing polish and looks much better in person then in pictures. This is possibly my biggest swatch post with so many photos. This many photos was important to show and capture the duo chrome effect.
Although you can see streaks on your nail, it didn't really bother me. I was liking the colour a lot that this kind of thing just doesn't bother me with this polish
As you can see. It's a solid purple with no green in the picture above.
Here It tries to capture the green. The purple has mostly disappeared and my nail is green. In person the green is more green looking and not so off like the picture. Let me warn you that it was incredibly hard to capture this polishes true colour.
Here you can see purple in the middle and green around the sides. It's really gorgeous and I recommend everyone to get this polish. 
It depends on the angle you look at the polish to see either purple or green or even maybe both. It also depends on the lighting. It's best to try for yourself and be amazed.
Essence polishes come in a small 5ml bottle and is available in Australia for $2.55. Collection or trend polishes are usually $3.50
I think this picture captured the effect better then some of my other photos. 

Hope you enjoy


  1. ooh I just bought this, can't wait to try it now. :)


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