Friday, 10 August 2012

Owl in the Night Sky nail art

I took out my new bundle monster set and wanted to stamp with it. I will warn you in advance the photos are blurry. When I had taken them, they looked fine but apparently they are not. I still wanted to post since I really liked this nail art. For the base colour I used Calypso Blue by China glaze to represent the night sky. Then I stamped with konad white special polish using Bundle Monster's newest set(third set).

Things I used:
China glaze- Calypso blue
Konad special polish- White
Bundle Monster third set- Plate BM-309
BYS- Top Coat
Jordana- Nails Be Long Base Coat


  1. Wow that's so cute. I like how you used dark polish to show the night sky,

    Samantha xoxo

    1. Thank you Samantha, I'm so glad you like it. You can use polish to represent many things and in my case dark blue worked well to represent the dark sky



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