Saturday, 29 June 2013

Savvy- Flaming Blue

Im Back!!!!! I am extremely sorry for abandoning this blog. I never planned to but things been very complicated for the past few months that i haven't had the time to post

This polish is called Flaming Blue and its by Savvy. Savvy is only available at Priceline. This polish has an amazing formula, i was honestly amazed and for only $3, guess who is gonna buy more... ME!!!!

It has a very pretty colour and is incredibly blue with a morphing effect in which you see green.

It is incredibly hard to show you the green effect but it is there. It only require two coats and it looks incredibly shiny with absolutely no top coat. I do have a new camera but i actually like my old one better.
Here you can see the polish with its own bottle but its hard to take a picture with the original bottle as it is hard to see the actual colour bcause it disguises with the bottle

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