Saturday, 20 July 2013

Jigsaw Puzzle Nail Art

So today i decided to do some nail art before i left the house. I was visiting my friends today and literally had 20 minutes before i left. So this i what i came up with. I know its simple but its the best i could do in 20 minutes, i take my time with polish so it only made sense that i couldn't do something pro. I only used 4 things to get this design and i hope you like it. Cleaning up was a bit messy as the polish was dark and dark polishes are a bit of a pain to remove as they stain your nails and skins, you will notice in the pic that around the cuticle area and around my nails aren't perfectly neat. That's because clean up was a pain so i have up and left it a tad messy. Hope you enjoy it anyways

What I used:
Orly "Wandering Vine"
Konad special polish "White"
Bundle monster image plate "BM 319"
BYS topcoat

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