Saturday, 30 November 2013

Barbed Wire Nail Art

So if you guys have been checking out my blog, you will know that i haven't been doing much nail art. So keeping that in mind i decided to do some nail art. I haven't used my stamping image plates in a while so i thought LETS STAMP!!!!!!

Products i used:
-BYS nail polish in Kung Fu Blue
- Konad special polish in Black
-Bundle Monster image plate BM323

That's how simple this design is. It only requires 3 things and you're good to go. Of course you need a stamper and scraper but that's pretty logical so i didn't add that to the list. This nail art looks so much better in person, i swear. The design is Barbed Wire which i thought was cute.
It's quite simple but I've received so many compliments. In fact today when i walked into Priceline, yep to buy more nail polish. The lady who worked there said she loved my nails so much, she actually even guessed that i went into Priceline to buy polish. As soon as i walked in she was like " you're here to buy polish, right?" Bahaha, i nodded and she was like " I saw your nails and i guessed" 
I'm very pleased with how this turned out and sometimes even simple designs look really nice. Oh and I've been eyeing the new bundle monster holiday set and the CYO set, every year i get them when they are released but i just found out about them this month. Why am i so slow with trends and new stuff this year. So maybe you will see future posts with those image plates.

Anyways hope you enjoy this post.... Tell me what you thought. Do you like the barbed wire nail art?

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