Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Splatter Nail Art

So I'm pretty sure you all have heard of the splatter nail art. As much as I'd like to try it, it seems like too much work. So i kind of cheated and created my own splatter nail art but with stamping. I picked a bunch of different coloured polishes and stamped it over Sally Hansen White On. Believe it or not but i had tried 4 white polishes i owned which had all hardened and they were so hard to apply. I ended up giving up and went shopping for white polish. So after i found a white polish. I attempted this design. Yep i went and bought polish just for this nail art.
The splatter design is from the image plate B38 from Cheeky. The nail art looks like a bunch of different colours of paint are splattered all over my nails. I'm so impressed with this design as it turned out so well and its not as messy as actually splattering nail polish all over your nails. 
I think my most favourite nails are my ring finger and my middle finger. The colour combo for those look really nice. The best thing is you can use any colours you want or even have certain colours to match a theme or even your outfit.
You have alot of control with this nail art. You can select different colours, which position to place them, whether to overlap the paint splatters or not. You can even use red to make it look like blood, kind of a death scene nail art which has also been very popular. To make it look realistic i overlapped some of the splatters. You can make the splatters into anything. In my case, they are paint splattered onto my nails.
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