Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine- Plume

So today i went shopping. In particular i went to priceline which was having a 40% off all cosmetics sale. I promised myself that I wouldn't buy a thing but ended up walking out of the store with 2 nail polishes. Not that bad I'd like to think. This being one of the polishes. So today I've swatched Sally Hansen's Lustre Shine nail polish in the colour Plume. The Lustre Shine range seems to be duo-chrome polishes which i totally love and can't get enough and since i haven't tried this range, today was the best time to try it.
Sally Hansen has been a brand that i always buy from and will continue to buy from. They are decent priced polishes and work well. The formula for this polish was great and so was drying time. It tried really quickly. I only required 2 coats to achieve this look. It was however alittle streaky but I've realised that all duo-chrome polishes are like that, well atleast the ones I've tried and you can kind of see that in the picture.
Here is the polish bottle up close so you can see the duo-chrome. This polishes base colour is a bronze-gold with blue and green effects. At different angles the nail looks either gold, blue or green. The picture below shows a slight green tinge from a different angle. Mostly you will see the foil-y bronze/gold colour but if you're outdoors the duo-chrome effect works better, especially in the sun you can see all three colours on your nails.
Applying was a breeze and i had no problem with this polish whatsoever. They retail for $9.95 here in Australia but i was able to snatch it up on sale for $5.95 due to the 40% sale at priceline. The particular colour Plume is incredibly pretty and having such good results with this polish makes me want to try the rest of the Lustre Shine range.
As i mentioned before that it is slightly streaky, it isn't a big deal and it doesn't affect the way the polish is applied. In all honesty the slight lines on my nails don't bother me at all and are not even that noticeable in real life. I highly recommend this polish and am very pleased.
So have you tried any Sally Hansen polishes? Maybe from the Lustre Shine range. If so comment below telling me whether you liked it or not. Are you excited to try this range, and which colour is your favourite.

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