Friday, 20 December 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat- Sour Apple

So today i have another swatch. It's my first time trying out textured polish and I'm surprised I haven't tried it before. I've always been very fond of smooth finishes but after trying this, i could totally try more. The polish I'm swatching today is Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in the colour Sour Apple.
The colour of Sour Apple is gorgeous. It's really already became a favourite of mine. The formula was great. I was worried that being a textured polish, it would be hard to apply but applying was a breeze. In the photos i have 2 coats but if you applied a good even coat, you could definitely get away with only 1 coat. Drying time was also good, it dried fairly quickly within 2-4 minutes. The texture of the polish is also great. As you can see in the pictures that the texture is very noticeable and definitely looks textured.
Another thing that impressed me is that it stayed on for very long. Usual polishes will tend to show signs of wear and tear on the third day or so when no top coat is applied. If you take a shower, normal polishes will show signs of peeling, if not completely peel off. With the Sugar Coats there was no sign of wear and tear or peeling even though i wore it for an entire week and with numerous showers taken the polish still looked brand new.
Impressed...Yes very. I'm going to have to buy all the other Sugar Coats by Sally Hansen
What do you think? Do you like Textured Polish?

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