Sunday, 25 May 2014

Australis- Aqua

Hey guys, i hope you're all doing well. Today i have a swatch of Australis Aqua. I apologise for the photos, they kind of look foggy and not so clear. I don't know what happened. I will do another swatch of this polish but in the meantime here is Aqua.
I think the name is spot on with the colour. If you haven't used Australis polishes before what are you waiting for. They have one of the best formulas I've ever seen and used. They apply very easily and are completely streak free. I used 2 light coats here and i did notice it was a little sheer, so maybe i needed a 3rd coat.
I'm a huge sucker for blue polishes, in fact i have more blue polishes than any other colour and this definitely is a beautiful colour. As for drying time, it was great. It dried really well. So that is always a good thing. I am yet to find a bad thing to say about Australis polishes.
So do you like Australis polishes? What do you think of Australis Aqua?

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