Sunday, 29 April 2012

minty shoes- Nail Art

guys i got around to doing my nails the other day. i didnt get time to post however so here goes. this is just some stamping with Bundle Monster plate 213(the new but not so new image plate set). i picked the high heels because they looked really pretty.

i used China Glaze's Groovy Green. three coats is seen in this picture. then i used konad black special polish and stamped the design. i was so happy with it however being unpatient i ended up stuffing the design up once i applied topcoat. but since this is an honest view on nail art i also have that picture located below.
here is the picture of the smudged shoes on my nails but being the perfectionalist that i am when it comes to nails that everything has to be perfect otherwise i will do it again. well guess what i did it again.

anyways i hope you enjoyed it. i know Groovy Green didnt come out so green. it looks alittle white but its a light minty-milky green

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  1. It's Samantha, thx for replying to my email, I just purchased the bundle monster plates after seeing this design. I also purchased groovy green by china glaze. This is the perfect combination.

    You're so amazing.
    Keep up the good work

    Omg can't wait till they arrive for me to do this design


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