Friday, 20 April 2012

Pro Nail Supply Trip Tomorrow

Hey guys, just wanted to inform you guys I'm going to head out to pro nail supply in bankstown and buy myself some nail polish. I'm hoping mostly china glaze but I might pick up a Essie nail polish or so.

Stick around tomorrow to see my haul. If possible and if they have any nail polish stands/displays, I'm also planning to buy those. My nail polish collection is growing. Yes I think I may have become a nail polish addict. I've always loved nail polish and 90% of the time my nails have nail polish on them. But nowadays I want great brands like Essie and china glaze, oh and also Opi.

I Have been taking care of my nails for 6 years. I've been using several products to make sure they are healthy and strong. You can't bend my nails, well you can if you try so damn hard but when I push really hard with my hand against my nail no movement. I've had so many people ask how I've done that and maybe soon if people want to see I may put up another post or page informing you how to do that.

I think I went off topic for a second. Anyways my wall is so hard. I tried drilling a hole in it with my driller(is that what they call it) and it broke the drill. I was thinking if I did buy a display how would I display it on my wall. I don't want a bench one, just a wall one. Any suggestions.

Anyways since I did do a long post, I don't wanna bore you with all this reading so bye guys and stay tuned tomorrow

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