Sunday, 29 April 2012

Small nail polish + lip gloss haul

Hey guys. I ended up going to the shops just for some fun. I bought some things I didn't actually plan to buy.

Two nail polishes:
Rimmel London- green grass 260
Bourjois- 13 (didn't have a name)

Two lip glosses:
Dr pepper- I'm a pepper lip balm
Bourjois- rose exclusif

The nail polish from Bourjois was a new one. The anti chip still with a curved brush to touch up your nail polish. It was a must try. I will do a review if the brush is any good for touch ups and just overall

I was also excited to see the lip gloss from Bourjois. Transparent lip gloss that turns a certain shade of pink according to your ph of your lips. Hmm
I ended up trying it and loving it. It was really smooth and lasted hours

Hope you guys enjoyed this post

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