Sunday, 2 September 2012

Chi Chi - My Bad

Hey guys. I'm so excited to show you this polish. Today I went shopping and shopping wouldn't be shopping if I didn't buy polish. I bought a few but you will probably see them later on. Here I have an Australian brand called Chi Chi which I love the name. Chi Chi My Bad is a black base polish with silver glitter that changes colour from different angles as well as orange-red flakes. The black base isn't a pure black as it has hints of brown in it. 
Here you can see the bottle. Right in the middle is the orange-red flakes that a shining. You can also see random sparks of colour here and there from the silver glitter.
This picture above is taken with no flash or being in the sun. This was just taken in a room with lights on.  The glitter isn't shining a rainbow effect in the picture so I definitely recommend seeing this in person. The silver glitter is more like holographic glitter.
As you can see the polish isn't pure black and that hint of brown is slightly noticeable. This polish is even more gorgeous in person. My pictures aren't doing this polish justice. It's more black in person but it does have a hint of brown whereas in the picture it's showing a little too much brown.
Close up of the bottle. This polish is available at Target and Myer stores for $5. This polish is only available in Australia so if you don't live in Australia then you won't have access to this polish, unless you swap with someone or something of that kind.
Formula was great and only needed 2 coats to achieve this look. I recommend topcoat to smooth out the polish however I didn't use topcoat as I will be changing this polish soon

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