Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Rimmel London- Black Out

Hey guys how are you? I've had a big day today and thought why not share my story with you. My friend and I were waiting at a bus stop for another friend of ours. She rang and told us she was going to be an hour late. So I decided to go to maccas(McDonalds). Maccas was basically a 2 minute walk or the next bus stop. My friend suggested to catch a bus as she was too lazy. 5 minutes later we can see a bus driving up to us, this lady came up to us and asked if that bus goes to top ryde. So what did we say? We said yes.  Basically every bus that stopped at this stop when straight ahead and we were pretty sure it would take us to the next stop. We fully walked into the bus with such style like we owned the bus. My friend pushed me over and said " move I wanna get comfortable". As soon as the bus started it turned into a completely random street, this bus didn't even take us one stop ahead. Instead of freaking out me and my friend start cracking up for 10 minutes while everyone on the bus looked at us weirdly. We finally figured it was best to press the button. We were just about the get off the bus when I turned around and saw that lady we helped, she looked so scared and nervous because she took advice from people who were totally lost themselves. Who knows if that lady ever got to top ryde? After getting off the bus, we were completely lost and had no idea where we were. So what do we do? We laugh, in the middle of the street we are laughing for 10 minutes and at one point I was crying because I laughed to much. We practically made everyone on the bus laugh too, lol. We decided to find our way back which took 30 minutes back to the first bus stop and finally our friend arrived. We did all of that for no reason, plus I broke a nail but it was totally worth it(I would never say such a thing but today was such a hilarious day that I had to say it). So in my next posts my nails will be shorter

Today I have a swatch for Rimmel London Black Out. Black out is the perfect black with high shine. This was from the 60 second collection although I felt it wasn't 60 second, it was more like 3-5 minutes to dry which is disappointing since their other 60 sec polishes dry super fast. Mine was also a little goppy and thick, not too much but a little. Maybe I purchased a old one or something so I can't clearly be sure.
Two coats is seen in the pictures. They all dried streak free so that was great and I quite like it. Although it didn't dry in 60 seconds, that didnt really bother me. The fact it was slightly thick and I mean a small bit thick, applying was still easy. So overall I'm pretty happy with this polish.

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