Saturday, 15 September 2012

Sportsgirl- Olive

Hey guys!!! Today I have a swatch of Sportsgirl Olive. Olive is a grey base polish with olive shimmer. The grey base is very hard to notice and will only notice it when in the sun or have some kind of light near your nails lol, never thought I would say that sentence. If you guys want this polish you better hurry as this was their winter polish and they are now starting their spring collection. You may be lucky to find this on sale since winter is officially over. Check out how short my nails are but they have grown a lot since Tuesday as I broke them from the tip. 
Here there is no light or flash or even sun. It's so gorgeous, I knew I had to buy it when I first saw it. Applying was an absolute breeze and drying time was super super quick. The polish is also perfect consistancy. I really truely love Sportsgirl polishes because their polishes are perfect, can't seem to find anything bad to say even if I tried. 

Here is what the polish bottle looks with no flash or sun. Once again you can't tell it has a grey base. You are probably thinking its and olive coloured polish. Well it does look like an olive colour polish but that is all the shimmer you're seeing, trust me it does have a grey base.

Finally a picture with flash, I did my nails really late at night so I couldn't step outside but the flash of my camera worked well and showed the colour great. You can see a slight grey base here but the last picture will really clear your mind. Come on girls go buy this polish before its too late.

Bonus side view shot!!!! What do you guys think of my short nails? I actually don't mind them as they grew so quick but my nails have always been the type to grow super fast. I would like it a little longer though.

Check out the grey base, Yay!!! I actually captured the colour. The polish has a grey base with an olive/goldish shimmer which you can clearly see in this picture

What did you think of this polish? What's your opinion on Sportsgirl polishes?


  1. pretty!

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