Sunday, 2 September 2012

OPI- Kiss Me On my Tulips

Hello guys. Today I have a swatch for OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips. Kiss Me On My Tulips is a bright pink. My camera has done the honors of making it slightly more brighter than its supposed to be. Overall it's a great colour and the formula was great. No clean up was needed. I only had this on my nails for one day as I felt that it was a little too bright, and slightly inappropriate as I had a presentation that day. I usually wear any polish whenever I want without caring what people think but this time I had a presentation and bright nails weren't the way to go.
This polish is from the Holland collection. I have to say that I really like the OPI brushes even though they are bigger than other brands. I just find that it works well with me and clean up isn't needed. My nail beds are small which makes the OPI brushes great for me as they tend to cover my nail.
This polish had a great drying time. I literally can't think of anything bad about this polish. Being a little bright doesn't bother me but I just had this on the wrong day so that's why I had to remove it. I'm really excited about using and swatching I Have A Herring Problem as I really love that colour.

What's your favourite colour from the Holland Collection?


  1. that is soo neon! i think it would also look great in short nails? :D

    1. It's not really neon but it is bright. My camera was acting up . It will look good on both short and long nails

  2. Gorgeous colour! I love my bright pinks!

  3. Such a gorgeous rich color, need this kind of shade in my stash.

  4. Love the bright pink! A definite attention getter!

  5. God! it's so intense and bright colour *_* neeeed!


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