Sunday, 11 May 2014

Max Factor - Fantasy Fire

Hey guys, i know i haven't posted much later. I've been absent for a long time, and it is because I'm in Uni now which is taking up alot of my time. I will however try to post more often. Ok enough about that, you're all here to see swatches.
Today i have a swatch of Max Factor Fantasy Fire, which is a gorgeous polish. The polish seems to be a dark blue/purple base with red shine going through it. I'm bad at describing polishes so you'll just have to look at the pictures. The first few photos i forgot clean up, so please ignore that. I will say that the polish itself is sheer, and will require alot of coats before becoming opaque. Which is why I used China Glaze Calypso Blue underneath as the base. These two really go well together. So if you want this look, you both polishes but any dark blue polish will work nicely.
Just take a look at that bottle. It's so pretty, i was in awe when i first saw it in store.
I only needed to use one coat of Max Factor Fantasy fire because i used China Glaze Calypso Blue underneath and i used 2 coats of that however you only really need 1 coat.
If you are to use Fantasy Fire all on its own, which i don't really recommend you'll need several coats. With 5 coats it was still sheer. It is a small bottle so it will be used up before you know it. Using a base colour will help make the polish last longer. You can see with the combo i used that the polish on my nails doesn't look different then the bottle.
Here is what the polish looks like in a dark place. The red doesn't shine as much but is still noticeable and still very pretty.
What do you think? Does it look amazing? Is better better than a regular polish?
I hope you enjoyed this post. Ill talk to you guys later :)

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