Sunday, 10 June 2012

Review- Luxury Hand Spa by Homedics

Before I start with the review, I want to mention the past week has been really packed and busy for me which has resulted in no posting. I can also mention that the next two weeks will also be busy but I will try to post as much as I can. Just bare with me.

I know that although I haven't posted in a week and a half, I hope that this small review will make up for it.

So I believe it was last month or the month before that, that I went and purchased Homedic's Luxury hand spa. The main reason behind this was I needed a nail dryer since I often paint my nails. This review was requested although I did intend on doing a review.

The luxury hand spa contains 12 of equipment for your manicure/pedicure needs. These worked amazingly and no need for batteries. It gets charged so it was a added bonus. My favorite would have to be the cuticle lifter which lifts your cuticles and pushes them back, all while it makes your cuticles need. This method worked better than using an orange stick and pushing back my cuticles. It looked so much neater with the cuticle lifter. The 12 pc equipment included things like bluffer, shiner, ball point nail trim, filer and basically all the nail needs.

Onto the hand spa. The hand spa worked great and it was easy to use. Although for me I personally won't be using it a lot. It basically gives your hand a warm bubbly massage while softening your cuticles. The only great point was softer cuticles which means easier to push back. Although its always a plus to have.

The last thing is the nail dryer component of the luxury hand spa. The nail dryer definitely dried my polish faster. It worked amazing and was exactly what I needed when I was searching for a nail dryer. If your looking for a nail dryer than this will be great plus you get bonuses such as a hand spa and manicure/pedicure equipment. The only downside to the nail dryer is that it is fairly noisy. I have heard noisy nail dryers but this was even more noisier. In fact I found myself closing my door so others at home wouldn't get disturbed. Other than that it worked great. Personally the noise didn't bother me as long as it was doing its job. So if you don't mind a noisy nail dryer than I recommend this one.

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