Saturday, 30 June 2012

Ulta 3- magnetic nail polish

I'm pretty sure that everyone has heard of Ulta 3. Ulta 3 is a brand that is mostly known for their cheap nail polish at only $2. The nail polishes work great and a very easy to use. I have used a lot of Ulta 3 polishes and have always been impressed but imagine my reaction when I heard they were making magnetic polish. This month Ulta 3 released six magnetic polishes for only $5 each which also included a magnet, however they all had the same magnet. For additional magnets the price was $3. I knew I had to buy some and for $5 I wouldn't complain if they weren't great. The only downside was the Nail polish colours were similar shades in the colour black and red/pink. So there was hardly any variety however Ulta 3 seem to be listening to their customers and have planned to release a second collection with different colours. Right now the second collection is only in discussion mode so who knows how long that will take but I'm glad that they do take in what customers have been saying.

I chose the colours enchanted, bewitched and hypnotic

I also purchased two additional magnets

Today i swatches Bewitched for you guys but I will swatch the others soon.

Ulta 3 Bewitched has a magenta shimmer. The nail polish on its own is a gorgeous colour and may be temping me to wear it on its own someday. When the magnet is applied, it brings out a even darker colour then the actual polish. The magnet worked pretty good with this and I am amazed at the quality. For $5 each I would definitely buy the whole collection and further polishes from the Second collection when it comes out.

The nail polish has a small amount of red shine when indoors. I do apologize for the messy nail polish applying and pictures but I wasnt at home to have access to my clean up supplies.

Ulta 3 polishes both classic and magnetic are available at certain chemist/pharmacies. I checked 8 chemists before finding a store that actually sold the magnetic polishes. All the other did sell the classic Ulta 3 polishes but not the magnetic ones. I had to contact customer service to find a store that sold them. Most people have had luck at Terry White Chemists but for full stockist near your area contact Ulta 3 customer service at 1800 181 040

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