Thursday, 31 May 2012

Born Pretty Store Product Review + Striping Tape Nail Art

The Born Pretty Store kindly sent me this product to review. I received 12 pc striping tape. Each tape is in a different colour as well as design. Some are plain, some have bling to them and so on. They are available for $6.29 for a limited time only. Otherwise they will go back to$8.99 which is still a bargain. So check it out and dont forget to use the code SADAFW21 to get 5% off your total purchase.
The Tape comes in a package like this which is nicely wrapped.
Whats better is that each tape is seperately wrapped and packaged. The tape comes in every colour you could use and its really easy to use. It also has a sticky side so you dont need to glue it down. Just cut and attach to your nails. This product was easy to use and only took about five minutes to attach to all my fingers which is great because i personally love to do nail art but sometimes hate it when it takes forever. I had no problems with this product however i do recommend top coat to secure the tape as they may start peeling a few hours later if you dont have topcoat. Other than that its a must have nail art product. So check out the Born Pretty Store and buy yourself one. Each tape is 4.5m long so it will last forever and 0.1cm wide.

Striping Tape Nail Art

Here is a quick and simple nail art that looks amazing. I used Chi Chi in Glamourama. Which is a simple and perfect gold. I then used the striping tape from the Born Pretty Store in the colou silver however it was glittery and blinging.
I got so many compliments for this design. It is simple but still looks great. The nail polish took five minutes to dry with 2 coats and the applying of the tape also took five minutes. So for this design in only took me ten minutes which i am so happy about.

Thesev products were sent to me for review. In no way does it influence my review. Like always my reviews are 100% honest opinion


  1. that is such a pretty design. i am heading down to the born pretty sotre to buy the striping tape now

    thx for a fantastic review

    1. Thx. The striping tape are really good and I'm glad you're going to try it. Have fun nail arting with them


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