Sunday, 8 July 2012

Styled half French manicure

Just last month Essence released a new collection in Australia. Marble mania, I ended up buying two polishes from their new collection which was especially made for water marbling. I did buy them to use for water marbling but I never had the time to do I thought why not use one for nail art. Just to test and all that.

For those who didn't notice, I did cut my nails shorter. I cut them really short but I felt like a change and it's good because the tips of my nails are healthy.

For this manicure I painted all my nails a creamy peach colour which was from the Essence Marble Mania collection called Peaches. I painted all my fingers completely besides the ring finger. For the ring finger I only painted the tips. I used Red Angel image plate 1. And stamped on all my nails, which was then followed by BYS top coat. I used Konad Black Special Polish to stamp. I has received a few emails asking what topcoat doesn't smudge when stamping. The only topcoat I use is BYS because so far it doesn't smudge. It is a really thin so it doesnt really help protect the design but after that dries I add another thick quick drying topcoat.

Three coats of Essence Peaches was used. The nail polish is quite thin and I was a little disappointed that the polish wasn't the same colour as the bottle. The bottle had a much lighter creamy colour while on my nails it looked like a creamy orange not peachy colour. Maybe next time I should use a white base polish underneath. Other than that the design came out really good and I really liked it. Simple but stylish. I am really digging the accent finger designs latterly although it took a lot of self convincing to try it out. I wasn't really sure with it but it worked out great.

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