Thursday, 19 July 2012

Flakie or Glitter?

Hello everyone, last month David jones was getting rid of revlon polishes, some for $5 and some for $10. I ran to pick up the polishes as I was super excited. I ended up buying two $5 and one $10 Revlon polishes. This polish is Revlon Colada Fizz which is this glittery polish which is semi flakie. It's not the perfect flakie but has hints of flakes through it. It's in a clearing blue base. I decided to apply it over my nail polish I already had which is Orcala No.36 and swatch of that can be found Here. I will do a better swatch of Colada Fizz when I get the chance but here you guys go. I have to say the pictures didn't show the flakie effect at all which is disappointing but it's there in person and looks much better than the pictures show.

Revlon Colada Fizz is scented. I liked the scent, it had a sweet candy like smell although my nose was blocked because I have been sick the past few days. This picture was taken three days after having it on my nails.

This picture and the below ones were taken straight after my manicure was done. They work really well but I was disappointed on how the pictures turned up. No matter what angle and with or without lights, it didn't pick up the semi flakie effect

Colada fizz on its own is very see through even with quite a lot of coats. So I hesitated to try it on It's own. I will however next time and maybe you can see the true colour of the polish

Here is a close up of the polish so that you can get an idea of what it looks like

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