Monday, 23 July 2012

Nails Inc- Bag A Bachelor (Swatch)

Today I've got a swatch for a Nails Inc polish called Bag A Bachelor. Bag A Bachelor is a light, creamy pink. For all you Australians who want this polish, it is available in Cleo's August magazine issue. You have a choice of three colour. One is a light pink(which is this one), another is a metallic silver and another is a bright orange(kinda neon like).

The brush was great and the polish consistency was great too. In the picture below I have applied three costs. It's too thin with one coat and with two coats your nail is still noticable however with three coats it becomes to thick and the top layer takes forever to dry. Even when it is dry, the polish is damage-able. So don't bump your fingers. I was disappointed as the colour is so pretty however the polish became too thick with three coats. Other than that it was great and the first two costs dried fairly quick.


  1. I just got this! Sad to hear its not opaque :(

    1. It does get opaque with three coats but it just takes forever to dry when you apply three coats. Anyways hope you enjoy the polish, it's a pretty colour!!!


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