Thursday, 19 July 2012

Orcala- No. 36

Hey girls, I hope you've all been well. I know I haven't posted in over a week but I have been so sick for the past six days that I haven't had the chance. I have been in bed for six days and you guys can't imagine how boring that was. The coughing, the cold, the bad headache and to top it all off my whole body was aching. I do feel sick but I'm getting better and could wait any longer to post.

I haven't really purchased much this month as I'm trying to spend less on polish so I decided to try some nail polish I haven't tried or swatched yet. Today we have Orcala in the colour no. 36. Orcala nail polish works really well and I'm always happy with its quality. This store near my place sells Orcala and so far it's the only place I know that sells it. I have tried this polish before for water marbling( I forgot to take pics so that's why it's not on my blog) and it worked amazingly well. I decided to try it on its own as I really love this colour.

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