Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ulta 3- enchanted (magnetic polish)

Today I have a swatch of another fantastic Australian brand called Ulta 3. Ulta 3 Enchanted is a silver foil like nail polish with gold sparkles and glitter. Upon applying the magnet you immediately see black polish with gold glitter particles and a silver line. The silver line is more strong towards the silver side then what the polish originally looked like. Originally Echanted gave a mix of silver and gold.

Here you can see the polish before the magnet was applied. The colour is so gorgeous that I don't mind wearing it on its on with no magnetic. This is only one coat and is very opaque. The polish is a Silver like polish with a slight gold undertone

Once the magnet is applied, the polish darkens to a black like colour with gold like particles and glitter. Along with gold glitter there is also silver glitter however when your outside or near light the gold is more dominant and when your indoors the silver is more dominant.

Ulta 3 magnetic nail polish is available for $5 and $3 for additional magnets. Additional magnets are optional as all bottle come with a magnet, however they are all the same and are the ones seen on my nails. They are available at some chemists/pharmacies but not all stock it. Terry white is most likely to stop them so it would be your best shot to try there first

This was the first time ever for me to where dark black like nail polish. I've never worn black on its own and this is the closest to black I've worn. I was always thinking whether black polish would look good on me and that's why I never wore black but I actually like this polish and it looks good on me so I may have to try black one day.

I hope you enjoyed my post and hopefully you end up buying some magnetic nail polish for yourself.


  1. Wow it's such a good colour and the magnet works well. Thanks for swatching and explaining about the polish. Black really suits you, you should use it more


  2. That's cool!!

    In reply to your comment on my post: They are very pretty! I am a huge sucker for Essie!

    Also, I am following you - I hope you can follow me too :) Thank you!


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