Saturday, 12 May 2012

Happy Mothers Day!!!

I know mothers day is tomorrow but I will be so busy to write this post so I thought I would write it in advance. Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful people and I hope that tomorrow will be a enjoyful day.

I was out all day today shopping for my mum. I bought a lot of makeup and clothes but my big suprise is tomorrow, I will take her to a restaurant. There will be a lot of catching up, even though I live in the same house as her, I hardly get time to talk to her. She works till 10pm everyday so I feel like tomorrow we can just catch up at the restaurant just talking and stuff. My brother is also going to be there, so we can all just have a great time.

Anyways enough with my plans. I went shopping today to buy presents for my mum. First stop was Priceline which had OPI shatter nail polish for $9.99, I was amazed. Since when does Priceline stock OPI. Sadly I didn't buy any because I was only spending this money on my mum. I even convinced myself before going shopping that I wouldn't buy a thing(nail polish) for myself. I did break that as I bought a nail polish but that was from Sally Hansen before I saw OPI otherwise I would buy OPI. I also went to Myer next. Bought a lot of lipstick that my mum had wanted for ages. They had a deal that spend $40 you get a bag with goodies. Yay! Extra makeup for my mum. So that was a added bonus. Then I also bought some clothing as well.

What do you have planned tomorrow? What did you buy?

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