Monday, 14 May 2012

Swatch- Sally Hansen(Showgirl Chic)

Since Australia gets things so late. The Sally Hansen Gem Crush have only just become available. It has been maybe around a month or so that they have been out. I have been eyeing them since they have been available. So with a 30% sale I couldn't stop myself and had to buy one. Originally $10 at target but I bought it $7 with the sale.

Today is the swatch for Showgirl chic. I have to warn you the photos don't do justice to what they actually look like. It looks so much better in person. It's even made me want more of the Gem Crush collection. I also have close up pics of the bottle to see what it looks like. It might look messy but this photo was taken before I cleaned it up.

Remember if your purchasing this polish. It takes a while to clean and remove the glitter. I recommend the foil method

Do you like the GEM CRUSH collection? Tell me what you think?

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