Monday, 14 May 2012

Swatch- China Glaze (For Audrey)

How is everyone? Now before I get started my computer has been acting up so bare with me as things may be slower than usual. I will be using my iPad for this as my computer issues have not been dealt with but don't worry a new computer is on its way.

For now we have China Glaze's For Audrey. This is one of the most loved China Glaze polishes. I really love this colour. For me it's an essential. The applying was easy and it dried in a reasonably normal time. Now what I mean by that is that it didn't dry super quick but it didn't take forever. In this photo you see three thin costs but you may be fine with two slightly thicker coats. Once again I have one photo taken in my room with the lights on and the other with the flash of my camera

Take a look for yourself

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  1. For Audrey looks so good on your nails. I haven't seen for Audrey look good on anyone's nails compared to yours. Love this colour on your nails



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