Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Nail Art Tutorial- Dragonfly Trails

So I was recently asked to do a tutorial of a nail art. I had this dragonfly trails idea for a long time. I keep this design for today as I had a special event. The design I have is very simple. Anyone can do it, all you need is nail polish, Fimo canes and either La Colors Art Deco thin brush in black or a nail art brush with black nail polish

1) first apply a base coat to keep your nails healthy and stop staining. I am using Jordana Nails Be Long Base Coat.
2) apply your chosen colour for nail polish. I recommend a green as it looks really nice. I used Australis Nail polish in the colour "limited edition #2" this is a brilliant green with small fine glitter very hard to notice, more like a shimmer.In fact when I first bought it I didn't know it had glitter. I only noticed once I came home.
3) apply little amount of clear nail polish on your finger where the Fimo cane will go and also a little on the orange stick to pick up the dragonflies.
4) attach the Fimo canes to different parts on each nail. 
5) using a thin brush nail polish in black draw dotted lines( like -----) on your nail to show the trails of your dragonfly. 
6) apply top coat to seal in the Fimo canes.

Check out the pictures for step to step instructions.

Apply base coat

Nail polish I have chosen is Australis Nail Polish in the colour Limited Edition 2

Cut out some Fimo canes

Apply nail polish

Apply some clear polish on to your nail where the cane is supposed to go. Also apply some to the orange stick to help pick up the canes

Pick random spots on your nail to apply the Fimo canes

Get thin brush nail polish in black such as LA Color Art Deco polishes and draw dotted lines like -------

End result!!!!

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