Monday, 21 May 2012

Nail Art- Split Colours

Another nail art for you. It's pretty easy but can get messy. Don't worry cleaning was simple. I only have one picture this time as I couldn't save the rest. They just magically disappeared and went to another galaxy. The pink I used was Revlon's colour stay nail polish in Cafe Pink(number 60). The blue is from a brand called eclipse. Eclipse nail polish can be found at morning glory which is like a gift and stationary store. I didn't know the brand but it was only $2.50 so I thought why not. It's made in Korea for those who wanna know. I wasn't sure of buying unknown brands but loved the colour alot that I couldn't say no. The colour is 613. The idea came to me when I sat this polish next to my other polishes. It was right next to Cafe Pink and they looked so good together. So I thought why not. I also used Nail Star two way polish as the divider.

1. Using the thin brush that comes with the silver polish I divided my nail into two.
2. Using the blue I applied it on one side of the line. The line was made as a guide.
3. I then repeated this for the pink.
4. Both nail polishes were thin so they needed a second coat
5. After the second coat I applied the silver, glittery polish again to neaten everything up.

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