Saturday, 26 May 2012

Swatch- Orly (Walk Down The Aisle)

So it's been a few days I haven't posted. Don't worry I haven't forgot about you guys. Today I have a swatch for Orly's Walk Down The Aisle. WDTA is a light shimmery green. Let me warn you it's very sheer. Four coats is seen in the pictures below yet my nail underneath is noticeable. In my opinion it looks goldish when your indoors however you get a tinny tiny shimmer of green when your outdoors in the sun. I would recommend this with a similar colour green nail polish as the base coat. Overall I still love this polish. It dried quickly and it was a breeze to apply. Usually I get a little annoyed if I have to apply four coats but not with this polish.

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  1. I got this one very recently and yes, it's terribly sheer but it looks really nice layered on top of blues and greens because it gives them a little something extra. Have you tried it layered on?


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