Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Swatch- Orcala (20)

so another swatch for you guys. As you guys saw on saturday i bought same nail polish and couldnt help myself to not using them. I have here Orcala which i mentioned i have never heard of but loved the purple colour. its number 20 for those who wanna know. Lately i have been fairly busy and i havent been able to post lately as much. I also didnt have access to my computer as it has been acting up.
Here is Orcala Number 20. this photo was taken in my room with no lights. it was pretty sunny but it didnt affect the colour much. Now i am not normally a dark nail polish person but i really loved this colour that i couldnt help myself when i saw it in the store. usually i think twice when i see a unknown brand
here it is with the flash of my camera. the original colour yoou see is the colour in the first two pictures without the flash.

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  1. That's such a pretty purple. It looks so good on your nails. Dark nail polish looks great on you.

    By the way I have never heard of Orcala as well but trying out new brands are fun.



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