Saturday, 5 May 2012

Haul: nail dryer + nail polishes

So I had been researching some nail dryers here in Australia. I couldn't find a suitable one for me. Upon researching I came to Homedics luxury hand spa centre. Most website were selling it for $49.95. So I went to which was also selling it for $49.95 but they had a sale for $29.95. I was planning on buying it however ten minutes later I came across it on the dicksmith website for $14.95. I went in store to find it for $34.95. I was confused but I didn't give up so I went to another dicksmith store which had it for $14.95, haha finally got it

Other than that I bought four nail polishes. Two are from Orcala which I have never heard about. One is from Colorway which I also haven't heard of but the last is from Ulta 3 which I had heard of.

In order from left to right we have:
Orcala- 20
Orcala- 36
Colorway- 28
Ulta 3- Confetti

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